by Raquel Acevedo Klein
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Polyphonic Interlace is a surround-sound music experience made entirely of composer Raquel Acevedo Klein's voice, recorded over 40 different layers. Using the Polyphonic Interlace pre-recorded audio tracks, the audience is invited to come together and play different parts of the music from their phones or speaker devices following a countdown at the start of the event. The music emanating from both the house speakers and the audience's devices, transforms into a sonic tapestry aiming to unite people through music.
How to participate
Download the Tracks
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Bring bluetooth speakers or any speaker device to amplify your sound!

Be sure to download the app or tracks before arriving at the event!
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Let's press Play at the same time! Composer Raquel Acevedo Klein will provide a countdown at the start of the event.

Enjoy music coming not only from your own device, but other speakers and smartphones throughout the space! No device? No problem! Just enjoy - pave your own path through the music.
The Team
Music by Raquel Acevedo Klein.
Mixing by Khaled Jean and Brian Schuh.
Website and App by Brian Ellis.
Produced by Boo Froebel and Hanako Yamaguchi.
Music Advisor, Conrad Cummings
Special thanks to Mengtong Guan.
World Premiere of Polyphonic Interlace was commissioned by Little Island.